Welcome to the Mountain Cloves Scenic Byway! This 41-mile state-designated byway within the Catskill Mountains’ Northern High Peaks delivers a profound travel experience. For centuries, tourists have been awed by the region’s panoramic views of rugged mountains, lush valleys and rushing streams. This imposing Catskill landscape, in the Mid-19th Century, inspired the Hudson River School of Landscape Painters to give us the first great movement in American art.

The Mountain Cloves Scenic Byway provides access to an abundance of scenic, natural, cultural, historic, and recreational resources. Together they overlap to form a cohesive, durable piece of Americana, rich in history, folklore and legend.

Currently in the works is the Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan, which presents a framework for economic development that emphasizes the protection of natural resources and the unique traits of our area. This CMP provides long-term goals to establish, maintain, and enhance the Mountain Cloves Scenic Byway and includes strategies to advance the vision for the Byway in the future. Download and check out this plan here: Corridor Management Plan.

NEW! Indulge in an audio tour about the history of the area while you’re on your scenic byway adventure! Click here to listen. 


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Special thanks to Francis X. Driscoll for contributing many of these photographs

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