Catskill Mountain Range

The Mountain Cloves Scenic Byway Project describes the Cloves – Kaaterskill Clove, Platte Clove, and Stony Clove – as distinct land forms. These post-glacial ravines and the surrounding mountains captivate residents and visitors alike. The Catskill’s gorges were sculpted over many millennia by the erosive force of creeks and the recession of glaciers. The term clove is unique to the Catskills and surrounding region. The vast natural scenic wonder of this place profoundly shaped the history and culture of our area. 

This divide creates some of the highest waterfalls in the Catskills, including Kaaterskill, Haines, Black Chasm, and Plattekill Falls. The sight of these pretty cascades in an unspoiled setting gives one a feeling of interconnection with nature and an appreciation of the past. 

Catskill Escarpment from Olana

These cloves are the numerous creeks and waterfalls that cut down the steep-sloping escarpment of the Northeastern Catskills. The Catskill Mural Front is the defining geological feature when looking from the Hudson and many eastern points. The Algonquin called it the “Wall of Manitou,” believing their sky god Manitou erected it as a defense against hostile spirits.



Don’t miss out on the story of Rip Van Winkle and to find out more information. Also visit the Mountain Top Historical Society to get more information about the Kaaterskill Rail Trail!

The Arts

We take pride in the Doctorow Center for the Arts and the Orpheum Film & Performing Arts Center. Visit their websites to get information on shows and events happening during your get away! Be sure to also check out The Hunter Foundation and The Catskill Mountain Foundation, for more events happening in the area.

Doctorow Center for the Arts
Orpheum Film & Performing Arts Center


Other historic and cultural resources

Devil’s Tombstone State Campground
Oldest campground in Catskill Forest Preserve

Hunter Mtn Fire Tower
on National and State Historic Register

Elka Park, Onteora Park and Twilight Park
Historically and architecturally significant private residential communities built in the 1880s.

Platte Clove Community
A communal church of the Bruderhof that puts the teachings of Jesus into practice. Platte Clove is known for its elementary school, warm hospitality, caring for their neighbors and producing Rifton Equipment

Fairlawn/Harry Fischel House (Village of Hunter)
Historic Queen Anne, Greek Revival currently operating as an Inn.

Washington Irving
Century-old Victorian Inn listed on Greene County Register of Historical Places, and voted #1 in 2007 for the B&B Distinction Award in NYS.